Playa Monterrico

I spent one night at Playa Monterrico which has black sand from the volcanoes nearby. The waves were huge, strong and way scary – enough that they kill people because they’re so strong or the undertow is so strong. So I was only able to wade up to about my knees in the water. However, the hotel had a pool and plenty of hammocks to spare so it was still a nice restful mini vacation.

I watched the sunrise Thursday morning and it was lovely, as you can see. The dogs enjoyed it too.



I also went on a tour of the nearby mangrove early in the morning. It was very peaceful, serene and we saw lots of birds, termites nests (these huge black tumor-like things on the trees), a 4-eyed fish (all you see is the trail in the water as it swims from its two eyes that are above water – creeeepy), and pretty scenery. The boat driver used a big pole to push us along, like a gondolier except he didn’t sing to us…I finished off the tour in the early morning on the beach with a delicious coco frio (cold coconut with a straw). Muy refrescante!

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I spent the weekend in a magical place called Semuc Champey, that can only be reached via a rather harrowing journey. It is very much worth it though, as you will see once I get the pics uploaded. There was spotty internet access these last few days. I am back in Antigua now and the field school starts tomorrow, wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Playa Monterrico

  1. Beautiful photos!! Glad to see that you are getting some relaxation on this trip too. Can’t wait to see the Semuc Champey photos — I heard great things about that place, but didn’t make it there.

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