• The place where we stayed in Lanquin (on my earlier weekend trip to Semuc Champey) had a professional photographer on our cave and Semuc Champey tour. You can see some of the photos here including inside the cave!
  • Ecofiltro, the organization that I hiked Fuego Volcano for on Saturday to raise money for water filters for rural Guatemalans, has a nice recap of our hike here

Macadamia Nut Farm

We visited the Valhalla macadamia nut farm on Sunday. We ate panqueques with macadamia nut butter and blueberry jam, sampled some macadamia nut oils/cremes and chocolates, and had some quick facial massages with said cremes/oils. They also have a bathroom inside a veritable rainforest! But also they told us about how the trees are used to promote sustainable, anti-global warming, nutritional practices here in Guatemala and to produce  more jobs (especially in indigenous areas).


Some of my classmates and I have started attending yoga classes at this studio called Studio Y which is inside the ruins of an old convent with some great Antigua flair. They usually have candles for the mosquitoes, incense burning and zen music playing to add to the ambiance.


I will update more tomorrow on some happenings in the field school before our weekend trip to Lake Atitlan!


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