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Friends of OTs Without Borders

I am back in the U.S. of A! I still need to post the happenings and pictures from the end of the field school, but have been busy getting unpacked, working some, catching up with friends, resting minimally, and getting ready for school which starts next week! Time is just flying by…In the meantime, these are some links to friend’s blogs or organizations that are part of the occuaptional therapy without borders movement!

  • My housemate in Guatemala was a fellow OT student named Ryan who went to OT school in Ohio. He has a wonderful blog about being an OT Without Borders as well called A Different Sort of Living. Check it out! He’s got some great pictures, reflections of our time in Guatemala (he worked on the educational transition research project), and he gives great definitions of terms related to occupational therapy without borders.
  • My classmate from OT school in VA named Lisa is also participating in a cool project in Durban, South Africa called Building Global Bridges with a few faculty and students from our university from different backgrounds. They are, amongst other things, using a project called Photo Voice which allows students from a marginalized community to tell their stories through photos. They are doing other cool research and activities with the communities there, take a look!
  • And lastly, I got in touch with a former NAPA-OT Field School student from Australia named Linda who introduced me to Occupational Opportunities for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (OOFRAS). OOFRAS is a network of OTs and others interested in working to promote social justice, accessibility and opportunities for engagement and participation with refugee populations. I’m really excited to see that although the group started in Australia, there are a few American members now.

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