Social Justice

The cry of the poor is not always just…

The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you don’t listen to it, you will never know what justice is.

I heard this quote today while on my run with Howard Zinn. Why, yes I did go running today with famous author/historian/social activist Howard Zinn…as in, I am listening to his book The People’s History of The United States: 1492-Present and started listening to it on my run today.


And yes, it is eleventy billion hours long and/or 4,629,584,013 pages long…I will definitely be getting back into shape now. But it is quite an undertaking to tell history all over again from the points of view of those who were originally omitted from the history books – the workers, the poor, the women, the immigrants, the laborers, the minorities etc. I really enjoy his straightforward and easy to understand writing style that gets his points across coupled with the painstaking detail/research that went into telling history as it should have been told.

There were many other great quotes I could share, but this one is so simple yet so profound. Perhaps I’m late to this party, but your turn now: Go, run with Zinn!


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