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Thought Provoking Things

Here’s a lazy post about some interesting articles and things I’ve come across these last couple months that I think are relevant to OT or OT without borders:

1. An OT goes to middle school and has a hard time sitting still too! There’s an OT who has posted a few articles in the recent past regarding how kids are having a hard time paying attention in school because we’ve gotten rid of recess and adequate time for kids to move around and play. Bring back recess for adults too please!

2. A movie (on Netflix) called “Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory” which shows how patients with dementia come “alive” through music. It shows some of the residents’s reactions of sheer joy when listening to customized playlists of songs that are meaningful to them, as well as their ability to recall certain memories after listening to music that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to recall.

Music is an incredible way to tap into the brain and to emotions! There are several hundred nursing homes around the country participating in this type of program now. You can find one near you, or even donate an iPod, and learn more about the non-profit and ways to get involved at this website https://musicandmemory.org/

3. A really well-written article that brings up a good debate about westerners’ approach to international development, particularly about foreigners going into developing countries with a savior complex, trying to “save the world” by doing too much.

4. An article that highlights (sometimes satirically) reasons against voluntourism, as volunteers are often solely focusing on the their own “quest for experience, as opposed to the recipient community’s actual needs.” 

5. Finally, this article gives a good list of tips for finding an experience to volunteer abroad that will make a real impact in a good way. 





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