Long Time No See

Somehow, after graduating OT school, life just seemed to take over and I have quite abandoned this blog. Apologies!

For any of those interested, here’s a brief recap of what I’ve been doing since finishing my Level II Fieldworks (in a SNF and acute inpatient rehabilitation), OT school in May 2015 and passing the NBCOT in June 2015:

After some life things happened (or didn’t happen), almost abruptly I decided to move across the country from Virginia to Oregon to fulfill a longtime dream of mine.  So I took a job over the phone for a SNF in a town that I’d never visited where the closest person I knew lived almost 2 hours away. I took a wild, big chance, and it actually worked out well. I didn’t love the town, but I loved Oregon. I liked my coworkers and I gained valuable experience through my company which provided good continuing ed in cognitive disabilities, PAMs, and fall prevention. I learned a whole lot about myself and how to be an OT. I also loved working with the elderly population

I stayed for one year, and then decided to try out mental health at a state-run psychiatric hospital. I lived the zero-productivity dream, had my own desk, and ran sensory, tai chi, yoga, and cooking groups and took clients on community re-integration outings like hiking and biking. It was a fascinating experience. I discovered mental health is not the setting for me, however. I was only there for 7 months as I was whisked away to California when my boyfriend finished his Ph.D. and got offered a job there. We moved here in June and now I work in inpatient acute rehabilitation mostly with patients with TBI and strokes. Also fascinating.

I am growing and learning everyday. I still have lots to learn as an OT. I am happy to have had such great experiences thus far. I may still continue to try on many different OT hats in the future (one of the perks of our profession). And of course I still have a passion for social justice issues and OT without borders. Now more than ever, I see firsthand the perils of productivity-driven care, the stark realities that face patients trying to re-enter life after a major injury or disability, and the new problems families face with caregiver burden as patients are discharged “quicker and sicker” so to speak. 

I have had conflicting thoughts about continuing this blog. On the one hand, I am still very passionate about OT inter-culturally, using OT to address societal and even political issues, and looking beyond the medical model of care. I still feel a beckoning to go abroad, travel and build the impact of OT internationally. However, I also can see many flaws in our own system of care that need attention and changing. If we only cast our gaze to distant lands, what will become of our own?  

So now that life has mostly settled down, I am starting to refocus my attention back to this subject and explore what that means for my future and for this blog. Will keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “Long Time No See

  1. Ashley, thanks for sharing – WOW, your jobs sound FASCINATING!!! So glad to hear that you are loving life as an OT on the west coast! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  2. Where has your OT journey taken you? You raise so many issues I relate to as I ponder my future in the world of OT. I did my first degree in anthropology and would love to find a way to bring these world’s closer together in my working life.

    • I am working in acute inpatient rehab in a community hospital currently. I work mostly with neuro and physical disabilities. I do like it, I’m learning a lot, but I do still feel a pull to do something more public health related or with a focus on global issues and OT…I’m just not sure what that looks like yet! What about you??

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