My Hike for Water 7.27.13

**UPDATE FEB. 2014**

Here’s the final video recap of Ecofiltro’s Hike For Water campaign in 2013. They successfully met and even surpassed their $100,000 goal! Thanks to those who donated for my hike, it meant a lot to me and was a great way to spend my 30th birthday:) You can read about my hike in more detail  here.


Guatemala has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world, largely due to the consumption of contaminated water. Around 90% of Guatemala’s rivers are contaminated.  

In an effort to raise money for communities in need of clean water, Ecofiltro is hosting a Hike for Water event in which hikers climb one of four volcanoes and, for every $35 of funding raised, one family receives a water filter. On 7.26.13 I will turn 30 (eek!). And on 7.27.13 I will be hiking Fuego Volcano with Ecofiltro. I am hoping to raise $350 for Ecofiltro; so if you’re feeling generous please help me celebrate a great 30 years by donating on my behalf to this great cause! Muchas gracias!!

Ecofiltro is both a for-profit social business and a public charity that makes and distributes ceramic-based water filters to rural communities around Guatemala. Its mission is to help stop the water crisis by using sustainable materials and methods. Ecofiltro strives to use locally sourced materials, funds and labor, and employs a business model that uses filter sales in urban areas to subsidize the costs of filters in rural areas.


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