Opportunities & Resources

In my quest for opportunities to practice OT abroad, international fieldwork, study abroad programs and any other OT Without Borders-related information, I have found these resources to be the most useful. Not an exhaustive list, just some material I’ve culled. If you have any more, send them this way.  Sharing is caring!

Volunteer/Study Abroad/International Fieldwork

Helpful Links



2 thoughts on “Opportunities & Resources

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a Occupational Therapy second year student at Girne American University. I want to do internship for 2 weeks (fifteen days). I have theoretical knowledge ( anatomy, physiology, psychology and the others) and I would like to make practice and improve my skills for my job. I want to work in your hospital and I don’t request any money. I will appreciate when you acknowledge my apply.
    Regards ,
    Dilara Kaya

  2. I would love to talk to you about collaborating. I work at the American international College and we are very much interested in developing study abroad opportunities for our occupational therapy students. Can you call me at 313-643-7925? Best always, Joseph

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